Picture: Saskia Nelissen

Christiaan Bruin (1988) is a dutch musician, composer and producer. His field of work is mostly progressive symphonic rock, but he also incorporates lots of other styles in his music such as pop, drum 'n bass, ambient, and metal.

His solo project CHRIS was initiated by his debut album 'A Glimpse Inside' in 2009. Since then he has released three other albums, 'Making Sense' (2010), City of Light (2012) and Snow Stories (2012). On these albums, Christiaan Bruin wrote all the music and lyrics, played most of the instruments (and vocals), and was also responsible for the production.

At age 13 he started his first band Error, for which he wrote all the music and played guitar.
In 2006 he joined the symphonic rock band Arcania, which broke up after releasing their first EP.
Christiaan is now active as a drummer in the upcoming progressive rock band SKY ARCHITECT. Together with conservatory classmates Wabe Wieringa and Rik van Honk, he was a co-founding member of Sky Architect, which made a big impact on the progressive rock scene with their 2011 album 'Excavations of the Mind'.
Their second album, 'A Dying Man's Hymn' was an ambitious concept album, recorded in the solitary woods of Sweden.
In 2011 SKY ARCHITECT played some of the bigger EU prog festivals such as Night of the Prog and Progpower Europe.

Christiaan is also a member of the progressive metal band ADEIA and the orchestral pop band MAYRA ORCHESTRA. For more info, see projects.