Days Of Summer Gone (2013)

Progress Records

City of Light

1. Out In The Night (14:09)
2. Distances (06:23)
3. Cold Heart (11:10)
4. Heliophobia (05:25)
5. A Heart's Endeavour (12:28)
6. Days Of Summer Gone (12:28)

About the album

Days Of Summer gone is an almost entirely acoustic album carrying the melancholic atmosphere of autumn. At times dreamy, warm and gentle, at other times twisted, strange and dark. The album deals with topics such as wonder, longing, paranoia, loss, transiency..

This album is once again very different. First of all because it's mostly acoustic instruments. After the electronic, modern 'City Of Light' I wanted to go back to a more organic approach. There are some very talented guest musicians on this record, playing strings, brass and wind instruments. The arrangements are pretty detailed and colorful I think, and in terms of composition I tried to write more extended compositions rather than songs." - Christiaan Bruin

Album credits:

All music and lyrics by Christiaan Bruin.
Christiaan Bruin - Vocals, keys, guitars, bass, drums, percussion
Ruben van Kruistum - Cello
Intan Werry - Violin
Maxime le Minter - Oboe
Federico Dalprà - Flute
Peter Bruin - Trumpet
Joey van Doesburg - Trombone

Album cover art by Leszek Kostuj.