A Glimpse Inside (2010)

Musea Parallèle

City of Light

1. Somewhere On Someday (7:33)
2. A Glimpse Inside (4:35)
3. From Time To Time (5:56)
4. Under Your Spell (3:04)
5. A New Life (4:16)
6. For All Who Care (3:47)
7. The Fainting Game (4:14)
8. Out In The Dark (6:22)
9. Another Day (3:57)
10. Masquerade (4:46)


About the album

The first solo album of Christiaan Bruin, 'A Glimpse Inside' is a gentle, perhaps a bit melancholic symphonic rock album. Plenty of sweeping mellotron, lush vocal arrangements and inventive songwriting. Very much influenced by music from the 60's such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys, plus some influences of Genesis and IQ can be heard. Very accessible without being too simple. Christiaan Bruin is responsible for all the instruments, vocals, production and cover artwork.

This was my first full-scale work, my first serious attempt at releasing a proper solo-record. I wrote and recorded all the music myself, and this is actually one of the first recordings that features my singing. Musically speaking, I found I had ten song that fitted well together, but at the same time I was still searching in terms of musical direction. I was working on an old shabby pc with a tiny processor. It coudn't handle the full, layered production, so I had to make a lot of submixes in between. In the end I wasn't sure if anyone was willing to release it, but Musea did and the CD was actually received quite well overall. There are quite a few songs with some kind of philosophical twists to it, songs about fate, dealing with a predetermined world where events are just a piece of a jigsaw puzzle in a greater scheme of things. There’s a kind of fatality or tragedy in that, but at the same time a sense of purpose and therefore significance in the things we do." - Christiaan Bruin


"A very nice debut album that shows that Christiaan Bruin has an enormous amount of talent." -
"Sure to find admirers in the world of progressive rock." -
"Reminded me of Freddy Mercury." -
"Especially for fans of melodic rock music, who also enjoy complex prog and sophisticated compositions." -
"Ambitious and impressive, 'A Glimpse Inside' proves to be a very good neo-progressive album." -
"A very nice progressive/ symphonic rock record" -
"Pleasantly surprised." -

Album credits:

All music and lyrics, instruments, vocals, production and cover artwork by Christiaan Bruin. Artwork photography by Selin Kuscu.