THE BLACK CODEX - Episodes 1 - 13 (2CD)

In collaboration with FREIA Music THE BLACK CODEX will become available on CD. The whole series will be released on 4 double CD's, packaged in a mini-album sleeve. Together with the fourth part a box and a book will become available. The series of double CD's will be released quarterly starting July 2014 with episodes 1-13.

Tracklist Episodes 1- 13:

CD 1

1. Overture Pt. I
2. Overture Pt. II
3. Map Of The World / Fairground Of Ark Pt. I
4. Fairground Of Ark Pt. II / A World Away
5. Wanderlust
6. A Dot On The Horizon

CD 2

1. Beneath The Surface
2. Flight Of Columbo
3. House Behind The Hedge / Trapped In Time
4. The City Of Ark (From Above)
5. One And The Many
6. The Key
7. Thoughtcrime And Burglary