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Making Sense

2010 / 10 Tracks / Progress Records / PRCD 040
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    01. Album Preview

Chris’ second solo album is an extensive concept album about one’s quest for identity, truth and purpose. One enters life and immediately questions arise, universal questions about existence and meaning. Why am I, and what should I do? Making Sense tells the story of and is an inspired 70-minute conceptual work which takes listeners on a colorful journey full of twists and turns. The symphonic arrangements and typical vocal layers of the debut are still there, yet further developed into a richer, more dynamic and versatile sound. The elaborate, inventive compositions offer a wide range of emotions and plenty of melodies. ‘Making Sense’ offers simplicity and complexity in a most enjoyable fashion. Stylistically there are influences ranging from IQ and Genesis to The Beatles and Klaatu.

“Not only because of the amount of musical material (70+ min.), but also because of the concept that’s behind it, this was quite an ambitious project. I spend a lot of hours sketching out the storyline, and fitting the music to it. Musically, it resembles the debut in some ways, but there’s more instrumental stuff and as a whole it’s a bit more complex. I put a lot of ideas in this one, and when all the pieces fell together at last, it seemed to work.” – Christiaan Bruin


“It’s definitely a record that fans of modern prog should be checking out.” – The Rocker
“Making Sense” is a very good album that should appeal to a wide audience.” – Progressive Area
“This is a very lush sounding recording and the vocals are some of the best I have heard this year.” –
“Especially for fans of melodic rock music, who also enjoy complex prog and sophisticated compositions.” –
“A very good prog album.” –
“In the 10 songs we realize that Chris has everything lovers of prog appreciate the most” – Hard Sounds
“I’m struck with how one person can make such a fulfilling piece of music.” –
“Making Sense is one of the better albums to have been released in 2010.” –
“Highly recommended and one of the best releases of 2010!” –
“A professional release that deserves more listeners!” –
“Great artist, great album and a huge talent for the future.” –


All music and lyrics, instruments, vocals, production and cover artwork by Christiaan Bruin

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    01. Album Preview

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