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City Of Light

2012 / 6 Tracks / Progress Records / PRCD 050
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    01. Album Preview

Recorded in 2011, this album displays quite a surprising style-shift in comparison to previous music. In contrast to its predecessor, ‘City of Light’ is not a concept-album. However, the songs are thematically linked in such that they all revolve around the same, futuristic theme: A world in which mankind has no choice but to abandon the planet, because of overpopulation, pollution and overexploitation of natural resources. Nevertheless, ‘City of Light’ is not a political statement either. Rather, it strives to emphasize those aspects that make us human. Aspects that are worthwhile, even essential: hope, compassion, community, relationships, kindness, identity, consciousness of mortality. It tells about people being oppressed, being expelled from their homes, their hopes and dreams, departures, loss, youth.. The contrast between a cold, industrialized planet and the warmth of people and nature is emphasized in the album’s overall sound. There are heavy, energetic moments, peaceful ambient soundscapes and delicate, melodic parts. Whereas ‘Making Sense’ sounded organic, like a live band, ‘City of Light’ has a more electronic approach.

“Whereas my previous albums had plenty of traditional 60’s-70’s influences, this one sounds more modern , energetic and youthful at the same time. There are lots of new elements – influences from pop, drum ‘n bass and ambient music – and lots of suprises. I’ve taken the liberty – since I’m not a band – not to sound like a band. Not having to care about the limitations of a fixed line-up provided me with lots of new opportunities, and encouraged me to explore some new grounds in terms of production and arrangements.” – Christiaan Bruin


“This is one of those releases that will creep up on you..eventually!” –
“This a really interesting concept and approach to offer something new.” – 0dayrockz
“Contemporary, technical and modern Art-Rock with Neo-Prog, Retro-Prog, Art-Pop, Fusion and Trip-Hop. A must hear!” –
“Might appeal to more people than just the prog community.” – Strutter Magazine
“One of the few who is capable of touching the heart directly with his melodies.” –
“Fact is, that this dutchman has a lot of talent. Great album.” –
“A masterpiece of modern symphonic rock.” –


All music and lyrics, instruments, vocals and production by Christiaan Bruin. Lead guitar on track 1 and 3 by Bas Immerzeel. Cover artwork by Sebastien Hue. Booklet artwork by Kenneth Jensen and Christiaan Bruin.
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    01. Album Preview

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